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Engineering Building, Omron Lab Room: 253

Mon: 6:00-7:00 Thurs: 6:00-7:00

About the Club

The Team:

    NIU Robotics club participates in the annual Midwestern Robotics Design Competition (MRDC), previously named the Jerry Sanders Creative Design Competition (JSDC) where, in our first two years, we received the Most Innovative award twice. In addition to mentoring local FTC and FRC teams, we also support local STEM activities including STEMfest, regular presentations to NIU CEET visitors, engineering classes, and STEM Summer Camps.

The Awards:

    During the JSDC (2012-2013), the club made history, entering the first flying robot into the competition. This first quadcopter, QUIN standing for NIU Quadcopter in reverse, won the JSDC Most Innovative award.

    During the JSDC (2013-2014), the club again made history, entering the first autonomous robot into the competition. This first AI bot, NAI standing for NIU Artificial Intelligence, won the club's second (in two years) JSDC Most Innovative award.


Faculty Advisor(s): Dr. Ryu

President: Joel Rushton

Vice-President: Jake Klein

Secretary: Dennis Grekousis

Treasurer: Andrew Widmar

Webmaster: Steve Radomski

Founded in August 2012 by Ryan Riddel