Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events is currently down, however,
the FULL CALENDAR should still be available.


For everyone not in the loop yet, please sign up for Slack. Progress over the next few weeks before the semester is crucial. Join in the discussions so you can be included. Slack will allow NIU email addresses to sign up, if you want to use a different email, let us know.

Team Overview

NIU Robotics Club participates in the Midwestern Robotics Design Competition (MRDC), previously named the Jerry Sanders Creative Design Competition (JSDC) taking the Most Innovative award twice in its first two years (2013 and 2014). More

Mission Statement

NIU Robotics is a student run organization dedicated to the designing and building task-oriented robots for submission into competitions. Our goal is to add substantial learning experiences outside of the classroom, for not only our members, but our community as well.